A statistical information site that deepens
the understanding of AMR (drug resistance) and one health


A statistical information site that deepens the understanding of AMR (drug resistance) and one health


Personal Information Protection Policy

1. Basic Policy

The National Center for Global Health and Medicine ("NCGM") collects your information when you use the AMR One Health Report Homepage (https://amr-onehealth.ncgm.go.jp/, the "Website") within the scope necessary for the successful operation of the services (including provision of information on the Website and inquiries about NCGM and the Website) provided on the Website. NCGM shall use the collected information appropriately within the scope of purpose of use.

2. Scope of Information to Be Collected

Information including internet domain names, IP addresses and access to the Website shall be automatically collected on the Website. Cookie (information transmitted from a server to the browser of a user and stored on the computer thereof and that is used by the server-side for identifying a user) is not used on the Website.

3. Purpose of Use

NCGM shall use the information collected under 2. for operating the services provided on the Website successfully.

4. Restriction on Use and Provision

NCGM shall not use the information collected on the Website for the purposes other than the purpose of use described in 3. or provide such information for a third party unless the disclosure of such information is required under laws and regulations, the consent of a person in question is obtained or there are other special reasons; provided, however, NCGM may publish statistically processed data such as access information to the Website and user attributes.

5. Measures for Ensuring Safety

NCGM shall prevent the divulgence, loss or damage to the collected information and otherwise take measures necessary for the appropriately managing of the collected information.

6. Disclosure of Your Information

NCGM shall not collect information that generally enables the identification of a specific individual such as names or dates of birth on the Website except for inquiries you made by telephone or email.

7. Scope of Application

This Privacy Policy only applies to the Website (https://amr-onehealth.ncgm.go.jp/) and related websites linked to the Website.